Vehicle Conversion & Upfitting

Vehicle Conversions and Upfitting

Major Automotive Installations is a New Jersey Vehicle Upfitter and conversion company that specializes in custom specialty vehicles. MAI ( Major Automotive Installations Inc. ) has upfitted literally thousands of vehicles with an almost ZERO defect rate. They do this by myopically focusing on each stage in the vehicle conversion process.

Vehicle Conversion & Upfitting

Ten Quick Details Concerning Lpg Conversions

Fuel financial savings:

Fuel saving for chauffeurs of business lorries can be huge. A business vehicle with a yearly gas mileage of 50,000 miles can anticipate yearly fuel expenses of ₤ 6,500 (gasoline) or ₤ 5,356 (diesel). The ordinary expense to cover the exact same variety of miles with LPG is just ₤ 3,744.

LPG offers huge economic savings when compared with gas, there is no denying this reality. However, LPG as gas is not as reliable as petroleum in regards to miles each gallon, so the best means to compute savings is to approximate the cost of driving 1000 miles on gas compared with 1000 miles on LGP gas.

Expenses say goodbye to for insurance:

Several drivers believe that vehicles with LPG conversions will certainly a lot more expensive to guarantee. Nevertheless, a survey executed by the LPG Organization (LPGA), essentially revealed that this isn’t really the instance. The top 20 insurer all stated they insure a LPG converted vehicle as long as the conversion had actually been executed by an LPG authorized installer. Just two insurance firms advised they would bill an additional premium.

LPG is considered much safer than gasoline or diesel:

According to the LPG Organization (LPGA), the gas is significantly safer to utilize than petroleum or diesel. This is mainly due to the fact that the gas is saved in a robust fuel tank, which is examined to strenuous criteria. Also, in the case of an accident, LPG tanks shut down the gas supply automatically.

It has actually never been less complicated to fill out:

There are currently more than 1,300 LPG terminals in the UK. LPG pumps are virtually the like old-fashioned petrol pumps and all LPG terminals are relatively comparable in the way they do points. The majority of LPG pumps have clear diagrams in order to help on your initial visit and also it’s difficult to put diesel or petroleum in your LPG container inadvertently.

LPG is preferred globally:

Travelling with an LPG vehicle is a desire; you can attain nearly double the gas mileage for the very same expense as a gasoline car can. LPG is easily offered in Europe, however it is more frequently known as Autogas or GPL.

LPG is additionally very prominent in The Netherlands, Serbia, Italy, Poland, Australia, Korea and also Hong Kong. The former Soviet republic of Armenia might, nevertheless, be the world leader in autogas make use of.

Decreased upkeep levels:

Owners of autos with LPG conversions experience a general reduction in engine wear and also LPG is tidy burning and includes no carbon or lead down payments. It additionally minimizes upkeep costs on valves, ignition system, pistons as well as rings.

Government grants:

Whilst the Federal government continues to minimize duty on eco pleasant alternative gases as well as offer Blockage Cost exemption they are additionally supplying grants to automobile owners, fleets and also companies which consider LPG conversions or other environmentally friendly alternative fuels.

You could purchase or convert:

If you have a relatively brand-new fuel automobile or light business lorry, or even a black taxicab that requires a new engine, after that you should select a LPG conversions. If you have a diesel car or van, or an older gasoline cars and truck or light commercial lorry that gets on its last legs after that the solution is not to transform to LPG yet to buy a new LPG vehicle.

No loss of performance:

Many auto proprietors believe that cars with LPG conversions have a reduced efficiency– this is an usual misunderstanding. The fact is that if there is any kind of modification in performance from LPG it will be negligible as well as most vehicle drivers would be unlikely to find the difference.


Automotive gases are frequently taking the blame and criticism from conservationists as the main root cause of inadequate air top quality problems in the UK. Automotive vehicles discharge a blend of harmful gases consisting of Sulphur Dioxide Hydrocarbons, Micro particulates as well as Nitric Oxides to name however a couple of.

Inning accordance with research carried out by the Norfolk Area Council, LPG cars and trucks create considerably much less emissions. People and organisations that embrace the environmentally-friendly different vehicle gases and also technologies are not just producing cost savings on their own yet likewise for the bigger society.

Poor air top quality, because of high levels of harmful exhausts, imposes social prices that are mostly connected with health care prices. Illness resulting from these emissions consist of Heart disease, Respiratory system issues and also Bronchitis, which all relate to bad air quality.

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